Mic check

Trying to keep a blog alive when you forget it even exists is harder than one might imagine.

I got a new phone around a month ago, and I just remembered this place existed when I saw the WordPress app in the Android app store.

And thus this post comes to an abrupt st-


Long time coming

Sitting in class and bored to the point of typing this post out on my iPod touch. I realized I’ve been ignoring this blog for the past year. Just wanted to say that I’m sorry for all you non existant readers for the lack of promised game reviews. And I thunk that’s all I can contribute to my blog in my current state of boredom. I might be moving my blog to another URL. I’ll keep you imaginary people posted… I hope. Also I’d like to wish everybody a happy new year.

Oh look, a beach.

Yesterday, or rather, looking at the time, the day before yesterday, we were very jobless. Yes. I know. Nothing new here. But we were jobless enough to go to a beach. I haven’t been to beaches in a long time and managed to grab a few nice photographs.

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As added torture, here’s a picture of me!


Ha ha ha

Got this funny comment recently:

From saurabh on Against Indian culture my ass!

shut the fuck u ? u bull shit fuck ure mother everynite and dont talk rubbish abt india.its the best

Gave me a good chuckle. Amazes me how fast people are willing to insult me. And damn, fucked up english.


I’m contemplating about two things right now. Killing myself and buying Guild Wars Trilogy over Steam, but I can’t decide in what order. Help would be appreciated.


Just a quick post listing the things you non-existant readers might’ve probably missed since my last proper post.
– My animation course started
– I got a bass guitar
– I got an Xbox 360
– I got a bunch of games for my Xbox 360 which I plan to review eventually… like as soon as I finish that review for Everyday Shooter I promised
– I passed out of my sketching module with not-so-flying colours… pictures later.
– I spent new years at Mihir’s place with a hell lotta vodka
– I got better at playing my afformentioned bass
– My external 500 gig HDD is screwed and is now being replaced by the nice people at SeaGate
– My computer has been to hell and fucking back in January
– I spent Valentine’s Day alone in a very depressed manner
– Had epic laughs when a friend, Devdeep, got drunk… that day is henceforth refered to as the Day of the Amoeba.

That’s pretty much it… rather eventful half-year I’d say… atleast by my standards.

Here’s a list of games I own for my 360
– Fable 2
– Gears of War 2
– Forza Motorsport 2
– Viva Pinata
– Halo 3
– Saint’s Row 2
– Grand Theft Auto 4
– Ninja Gaiden 2
– Blue Dragon

And I own a bunch of games on Xbox live arcade which I will not list here because I cant remember and I cannot be arsed to switch internet connections and start my xbox and check.

The only games I bought for my PC after my previous proper post were
– Fallout 3
– Red Alert 3 (which I still haven’t played yet because my DVD ROM is acting up)

I know I know, not the awesome post I promised but good enough.

Long overdue

Just a bump to this old blog. I’ll definitely be making an update tomorrow. That’s right motherfuckers, soil yourselves in glory of my awesomeness.

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