Well… this is me with yet another attempt to maintain a blog. I have a good feeling that I’ll actually be able to maintain this one for some odd reason. Anyways… my day today was  same old normal. Woke up at around 12:30 pm to the noise of mom watching some weird ass movie on HBO. Got up and sat on my computer (not literally you idiot). I had no idea what I was going to do on one of the most boring (and cold) sundays of my life.

About an hour into my… erm… lets call it computing.. shall we? Anyways… as I was saying.. about an hour into my computing, a friend calls me up asking me for my iPod (I use my worthless piece o’ trash iPod as a portable hard drive for the uninitiated). So I go visit him and we end up calling every goddam friend we have to meet up for no friggin’ reason whatsoever (story of my life). As I take my cellphone (yes… I have a shiny cellphone.. up yours!) out to call a friend… I drop it. Sure nobody who’d know me would be surprised… with me being the clumsy oaf that I am… I end up getting a huge ass crack on the screen.

Anyways… we went into Thakur Village to meet up at a friend’s place and we’re bored… We take turns playing Titan Quest on his computer which has now become quite badass due to upgrading of RAM and the GPU. Anyways… we eventually get bored of Titan Quest and then end up watching porn just for kicks. Halfway into the porno, another friend calls up asking me what the fuck we’re supposed to do about lunch. So I come up with the bright idea that we should go to the near-by restaurant (yes… I call two-bit deli’s restaurants too :P) for lunch. So we go there… eat… and then we’re bored again (again… the story of my life).

So we’re bored and we’re bored and we’re bored… and we’re bored. A few of us still have money left after the extravagant (okay… extravagant might be too big a word to use in this situation… two dishes in total) meal… so we grab a quarter of DSP whiskey and a half litre bottle of coke and we go to the afformentioned friend’s place again… you know… the one at who’s place we were watching porn. Anyways… we make our drinks and we switch on the TV. What I am about to tell you will blow your head off and then reattach it and then make you bend over the other side and eat your own arse.

We… saw…

The Matrix: Reloaded in Hindi!

Anyways… we were just drinking and pointing and laughing at the movie.

Then I came home and got bored…

And we lived happily ever after.

The end. 😀


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