Finally managed to downgrade my PSP! Sure I bricked it once in the process… had to use a friend’s Pandora’s Battery for unbricking… but finally… its downgraded. Now I’m stuck on level 2 in the old Megaman game >.<

Yahtzee released a new review today. Was quite funny… possibly the second funniest review he’s done. Completely butt-raped the new Resident Evil game. But for some reason… I liked it. No matter how bad Yahtzee said it was… it sounded fun. It was one of those old-school rail shooters. You know… the kind where your character followed a fixed path and all you had to do was aim and shoot. Was very nostalgic. Reminded me of when I was a wee little lad… playing Time Crisis 2 at the near-by arcade.

*Sigh* games these days. Barely any game concentrates on fun these days. But this year seems promising enough though. With Ron Gilbert working on a new game, Spore, Tim Schafer working on a new game and Fallout 3 (which I hope BethSoft doesnt fuck by the ass like they did to Oblivion… ruined a perfectly un-ruinable franchise. Morrowind was such a nice game)

I have a really bad feeling about Fallout 3 though. Mostly because I think BethSoft will dumb it down for the console retards. I used to be one of those retards though. But I barely played any RPG’s or FPS’s on it. It was mostly platforming and console-exclusives. ^_^

Must… kill… boss.. that… looks… like… a.. huge… ass… fucking… snake!


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