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Against Indian culture my ass!

This is about the news I read yesterday. Apparently, the Maharashtra government is turning back on it’s promise to introduce sex education as part of the syllabus for IX and X std. students. This is a load of horse shit. All this because some MLA’s probably forgot to take the gerbils out of their ass after they were done the night before. We’re the second biggest population in the world because of shit like this. Let me remind any non-existant readers of this blog… being the second biggest population of the world is not something to be proud of. We’re the second biggest population in the world because of shit like this. And people wonder why India is still just a developing country. Its gonna stay like that for a long long time until someone takes power away from shitwads like the aforementioned MLAs.

Here’s some quotes from the MLAs taken from 24th April 2008 issue of Mumbai Mirror.

Mawab Malik (NCP MLA from Nehru Nagar): “What is the need for us to appoint sex gurus? Europe needs sex education because of its declining population rates.”

Bashir Patel (NCP MLA): “Sex education is against Indian culture. It will affect the character of students and will lead to more crime against women.”

Mangal Prabhat Lodha (BJP MLA from Malabar Hill): “Sex education will only damage the sociocultural ¬†fabric of the country. Children will learn about the subject once they grow up.”

If what they say is true and it truly is against Indian culture, we have one fucked up culture.


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