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Go Speed Racer!

Just got back home after watching Speed Racer. Quite a decent movie… a must-watch atleast once. The Wachowski Brothers have done an amazing job. They might’ve screwed up with the second and third Matrix movies, but they’ve more than made up with this.

The first thing that caught me was the art-style. The second kiddie Speed steps out of the school into the street, you get slapped in the face with bright, vivid, vector-style backgrounds. Its the nice kindof slap too. Makes you want to just look and look at the screen. The movie has loads and loads of colours. Lots of em. The whole neon lights fromt he background and stuff will make you just stare in it’s awesomeness.

When it comes to story, don’t expect many intricate plot twists and turns. This is a Speed Racer movie… which means the story is a typical Speed Racer anime story. Little family up against giant conglomorates… that sort. You just gotta love the fact that the movie has retained most of the stuff from the original anime. Especially one of those being the fact that Racer X is Speed’s older long-lost brother Rex. OOPS! Was that a spoiler for you? Uh oh… guess you have never seen one of the best animes of all time to have not known that eh? Idiot.

With Emile Hirsch has Speed, Christina Ricci as Trixie and John Goodman as Pops, you just couldn’t help but feel that the cast was just plain old perfect.

All in all… it was a nice trip to the movies. We stopped at a near-by deli to grab some dinner. It was nice. Some parathas, rice and dal. Nice, simple and filling.  Then while walking home, there was a blackout. One of the few times I’d heard of there practically no sound whatsoever in our fair city. Figured I’d waste some more time by you know, just hanging out, wasting time. Turned out to be a good idea. The electricity came back after about half an hour. Then I came back and came online and just typed this out.

All in all, it was a good day. And I think I’ve been playing  Team Fortress 2 too much. I just keep screaming out randomly that my uber’s ready… I really need a break.

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