I didnt bother sleeping the night before last, just for the hell of it. I wasnt really that sleepy to begin with. So I waste the night watching episodes of Kyle XY, which is REALLY nice show btw, just for the hell of it. At around 7 am, I get a call from Advait asking me to tag along with him to Bandra because he had to submit a couple of letters to the principles of a couple of colleges. So he was all “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE” and I was like “Sure, why not”. Yeah.. I have weird conversations. Anyways, we meet up at around 9:45 and on our way to Andheri, get lost somewhere between the highway and Hira Nandani all because Advait has a pitiable sense of direction. We finally make it to his Aunt’s office place thingy and pick up the letters he’s supposed to give at around 10:30. Then we go to Bandra, give the letters, waste the day and stuff. Then at around 6, we go to InOrbit in a very groggy state of mind. We waste time there and then go to Advait’s place, waste time there, and then I come home and go to sleep at around 10.

Now, onward to today. I got a new game for my DS. Animal Crossing: Wild World. Damn, I have never had this much fun in a handheld game ever since Pokemon Crystal. This game is just awesome! It’s mostly about you living in a small village where everybody else is an animal. Awesome fun. ^_^

/me goes back to playing Animal Crossing.


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