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Mic check

Trying to keep a blog alive when you forget it even exists is harder than one might imagine.

I got a new phone around a month ago, and I just remembered this place existed when I saw the WordPress app in the Android app store.

And thus this post comes to an abrupt st-


Oh look, a beach.

Yesterday, or rather, looking at the time, the day before yesterday, we were very jobless. Yes. I know. Nothing new here. But we were jobless enough to go to a beach. I haven’t been to beaches in a long time and managed to grab a few nice photographs.

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As added torture, here’s a picture of me!


Ha ha ha

Got this funny comment recently:

From saurabh on Against Indian culture my ass!

shut the fuck u ? u bull shit fuck ure mother everynite and dont talk rubbish abt india.its the best

Gave me a good chuckle. Amazes me how fast people are willing to insult me. And damn, fucked up english.

Long overdue

Just a bump to this old blog. I’ll definitely be making an update tomorrow. That’s right motherfuckers, soil yourselves in glory of my awesomeness.

Hey Arnold!

Its 4 a.m. and I just finished watching Hey Arnold. Its a very old Nicktoon from the early 1990’s. Watching it reminds me of my old school days. I used to wake up early in the morning and watch Hey Arnold while having breakfast at around 7 a.m.
This cartoon always used to make me smile. Always. Surprisingly, it still does. Something about this cartoon always makes me smile. Maybe its the highly likeable characters. The football-headed Arnold or the girl with the monobrow named Helga . Or maybe its the black kid named Gerald who also is the keeper of all the urban legends.
Maybe its the perfect place for any and every kid to grow up in. The perfect city, the perfect school, the perfect friends. Its just THE perfect place!
Either way, this cartoon makes me feel very nostalgic. I’ve seen lots of emotional movies and never shed a single tear. But I watch this cartoon and I think about my old school life.
I sit here, writing this and wiping my tears.
Where does the time go?


Stupid mini-boss. One-hit-KOing my 2300 hp  Templar! :/


Just got back home after seeing John Rambo. Damn it is most probably the best action movie in quite some time now. 300 aint got nothing on Rambo biotch!

In any case… Sly has pulled this one off fairly good. Even though his old age was showing… that didnt stop the blood from flowing.

Uh oh… I think I need a ciggy. I wrote a limerick! O_o

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