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What is wrong with us?

First things first. I am severly pissed off about the government making it compulsary for shops in Mumbai to have their names on the boards written in Marathi. What the fuck is this? Sure this is supposed to make life easier for people who can’t read english, but what about places like Barista, Cafe Coffee Day or your average gaming/internet cafe? Those places can’t and rather, don’t want to cater to people who cant read english. I mean come on, how the fuck can a non-english speaking guy surf the internet, or order coffee from the english menus in the coffee shops, or play games? Please don’t tell me that the government’s next course of action is to either localize or shut down the import of video games and shutting off access to the internet just because some people were too retarded/poor/lazy to learn how to read/write/speak english? If this happens, say goodbye to the thought of India ever getting on the international map.
Now, for more serious criticism about our fair city.

Over the course of this week, I just realized something which I failed to realize for the past eighteen years of my life.
Mumbai is full of hyppocrites.
As my regular readers know (that’s right, all three of you), I was at I-Rock this saturday and it was the most mother-fucking awesome concert of my life. The lineup was an awesome mix-and-match of bands from different areas with my favorite performance being the non-contesting awesomeness of Zero. Anyways, this was to be Zero’s final performance and guess what? Just because it was 10:30 PM, the police decided to do something useful (they’d like to think so) with their lives and stopped the final performance. Its alright, just obeying the law, right?
Wrong. Now we have the utterly useless holiday of Ganpati or whatever the fuck it’s called and I’m trying to keep myself from going on a homicidal rampage from all the crap garba music playing outside my house at 12:30 am. What the fuck people? Arent the cops supposed to stop that? Are people taking home some clay idols THAT much more important than getting some sleep? Religion is destroying us people.
Which brings me to another point.
Religion is destroying us. Yeah, it is. I mean every religions holiday, we have noise, pollution, unrequired expenditure on shit that’s gonna be taken down in two days. Wouldnt that money have been better spent on some charity? Or how about making the roads here better? I seriously fear the time when religion becomes compulsary. Imagine school teaching children that evolution is a lie and that creationism is the truth? Do we really want to live in a place like that? Let our children study in schools like that?
I would like some people performing a massive social experiment. Put some atheists/agnostics on an island and see how long it takes for them to become independant and successful. This would truly make a noticable dent in the facade that is religion.
With that out of the way,

EVERYDAY SHOOTER KICKS ASS! Expect a review by tomorrow or something. 😉



As the name of the topic would suggest, I saw The Incredible Hulk yesterday. IT WAS AWESOME!
Seriously, stop reading this and go see it. NAO!
In any case, the story was an amazing mix of action and love story, just like the comics. Just a wee bit disappointed because they didnt show the grey Hulk. Oh well. Edward Norton did an amazing job. This is one of the reasons that guy is my favourite actor.
Anyways, I’m not gonna review and spoil the movie for you people. Get the fuck out of your homes and go watch the movie.

Epic What-The-Fuckery

Had a sleepover at Advait’s place last night. We came up with this epic what-the-fuckery.


I didnt bother sleeping the night before last, just for the hell of it. I wasnt really that sleepy to begin with. So I waste the night watching episodes of Kyle XY, which is REALLY nice show btw, just for the hell of it. At around 7 am, I get a call from Advait asking me to tag along with him to Bandra because he had to submit a couple of letters to the principles of a couple of colleges. So he was all “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE” and I was like “Sure, why not”. Yeah.. I have weird conversations. Anyways, we meet up at around 9:45 and on our way to Andheri, get lost somewhere between the highway and Hira Nandani all because Advait has a pitiable sense of direction. We finally make it to his Aunt’s office place thingy and pick up the letters he’s supposed to give at around 10:30. Then we go to Bandra, give the letters, waste the day and stuff. Then at around 6, we go to InOrbit in a very groggy state of mind. We waste time there and then go to Advait’s place, waste time there, and then I come home and go to sleep at around 10.

Now, onward to today. I got a new game for my DS. Animal Crossing: Wild World. Damn, I have never had this much fun in a handheld game ever since Pokemon Crystal. This game is just awesome! It’s mostly about you living in a small village where everybody else is an animal. Awesome fun. ^_^

/me goes back to playing Animal Crossing.


Well, me and Mihir were jobless enough today to do this


Then I go around finding this:


Epic phucked are I

I’ve been thinking. Yeah.. I know. Anyways, I’ve been thinking. There’ve been these thoughts. Questioning every move I make. Every step I take. Yeah… again.. I know. And no. This isnt a “started listening to Linkin Park/Pink Floyd/Greenday” phase. Stuff’s actually gotten me thinking. As you can see from my previous post, I am going through a very… ahem… emo state of mind. It’s not exactly easy walking and thinking, “What now?”

Anyways… fuck that shit. I’ve been playing mostly one game these days. That would be the first episode of the Penny Arcade Adventures on the PC. I thought I’d review the game just for the fuck of it. First, lets have a look at the Penny Arcade game.

I love the webcomic Penny Arcade. And I really admire the two authors of the webcomic as well. When I heard that they were making a game with HotHead with Ron Gilbert, who might I add is second to Tim Schafer in my list of people to respect in the game development community, I got as giddy as a 15 year old Japanese school girl who’s been ODing on coffee, sugar and crystal meth at the same time. So yeah, I was stoked. Then like the afformentioned Japanese school girl would do, I waited. Then I waited some more. I was counting down the days in my calender. Then when the day of the release was finally upon us, I got the game! In all it’s megabyte-y glory! I installed it and started it. I was greated with a character creation screen. It was quite good actually. And the transition from 3D to 2D to comic strips was simply amazing. Not to mention the humour was side-splittingly funny. All in all, it’s amazingly well written and funny. No offense to Portal, but this has to be the funniest game we have, counting the Sam and Max episodes. On to the fighting. The game is practically a role playing game only without the tedious number crunching. The fighting is a Final Fantasy-esque Active Time Bar system which works very well in this game. That means that your enemies wont wait for their turn to attack while you’re masturbating or something. There’s also the fact that you can block attacks with the space bar. The better you time, the more efficient your block. So I absolutely loved this game. It kicks so much ass, it’s not even funny anymore. So… I say go get On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness NAO!!

Yay me!

I will live and die alone.

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