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Just a quick post listing the things you non-existant readers might’ve probably missed since my last proper post.
– My animation course started
– I got a bass guitar
– I got an Xbox 360
– I got a bunch of games for my Xbox 360 which I plan to review eventually… like as soon as I finish that review for Everyday Shooter I promised
– I passed out of my sketching module with not-so-flying colours… pictures later.
– I spent new years at Mihir’s place with a hell lotta vodka
– I got better at playing my afformentioned bass
– My external 500 gig HDD is screwed and is now being replaced by the nice people at SeaGate
– My computer has been to hell and fucking back in January
– I spent Valentine’s Day alone in a very depressed manner
– Had epic laughs when a friend, Devdeep, got drunk… that day is henceforth refered to as the Day of the Amoeba.

That’s pretty much it… rather eventful half-year I’d say… atleast by my standards.

Here’s a list of games I own for my 360
– Fable 2
– Gears of War 2
– Forza Motorsport 2
– Viva Pinata
– Halo 3
– Saint’s Row 2
– Grand Theft Auto 4
– Ninja Gaiden 2
– Blue Dragon

And I own a bunch of games on Xbox live arcade which I will not list here because I cant remember and I cannot be arsed to switch internet connections and start my xbox and check.

The only games I bought for my PC after my previous proper post were
– Fallout 3
– Red Alert 3 (which I still haven’t played yet because my DVD ROM is acting up)

I know I know, not the awesome post I promised but good enough.


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